High Security Locks Services in Auckland

locksmith-1.jpgHigh security locks belong to the third category when it comes to the level of security. The other levels are basic, resistant and ‘unpickable’. Although many locksmiths put the resistant and the high security locks into the same category and many hardware shops do not make distinction between these two in their catalogue listings, there some crucial differences between them after all. Thus, this article will provide detailed information on high security locks, their design and their features that make them so reliable.

The truth is that both high security and resistant locks are impervious to the attacks of a person with no skills in lock picking, they tend to behave quite differently when skilful and sophisticated attacks are concerned. In fact, the design of resistant locks is made in such a way that it makes it harder for the lock pick tools that are basic to go smoothly into the lock and defeat it. However, they do not prevent this completely. A person who is trained in lock picking and who fully understands the mechanism of a lock can easily defeat a resistant lock with the help of basic kits that can be purchased on the Internet. Thus, a resistant lock is not much of a trouble for a person who can easily handle the basic tools.

However, a lock which is a high security one has such mechanisms incorporated that it can completely block the use of any basic lock picking tools. Thus, even a person who is extremely skilled in lock picking will not be able to open a high security lock with a typical tool. Rather, they would need certain tools that are specialized and some special techniques as well, in order to open the lock. The use of specialized tools and the extremely good skills that are needed are exactly what makes high security locks importantly different from the resistant ones.

locksmith-2.jpgThis class of locks is much recommended for the security and surveillance systems of large companies. Of course, not every door knob should be a high security lock, but the facilities and objects that are of extremely high importance should have these locks installed on them. Otherwise, the business is an easy target for even a not so skilled attacker. Although most companies have the surveillance cameras all over the place, someone who can bypass the system may also easily defeat the door locks which are under the level of high security.

To summarize, despite the fact that many locksmiths put resistant and high security locks into the same category, they are actually quite different. In fact, a high security lock will completely prevent a regular burglar from picking it with basic lock picking tools. Thanks to its mechanism, only an extremely skilled attacker who can use specialized techniques and tools would be able to defeat a high security lock. This type of lock is recommended not only for residential facilities, but also for big companies that need to protect their possessions and property.

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