A modern city at dawn, from a birds-eye view

Smart Cities, And How Technology is Enhancing Urban Security

The landscape of urban living and security is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, propelled by the seamless integration of technology into the very fabric of our cities.  This shift is not only redefining the way we experience urban spaces but is also playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of citizens.  In this exploration, we take a look at the future:  of evolving cities and the integration of

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A futuristic city, with glowing skyscrapers

Faces, Eyes, and Voices: The Future of Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of security, traditional identification methods are being supplemented and, in some cases, replaced by more sophisticated technologies.  In this comprehensive exploration, we will take a look at various cutting-edge identification methods employed by access control security systems, shedding light on how they work and their implications for the future of safeguarding sensitive information. Facial Recognition Technology: Mapping Unique Features Facial recognition technology has become synonymous with

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modern alarm system utilising mobile phone

Current Trends in the Security Industry

There is no question that the security industry is evolving at a rapid pace. However, trying to predict the future trends in the security industry is not an easy task. In order to do so, one must first understand the current trends that are shaping the industry. Only then can one begin to predict the future trends that will have an impact on security solutions in the future.

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New Zealand’s Security Awards 2020 Will Be Held Online Due to Covid-19

The annual New Zealand Security Awards is taking place online this year due to Covid-19 restrictions and the event is going to be live streamed as well. The event will be held on 7th August 2020, from 5 to 7 pm. The winners will receive their awards by courier post after the event. The prestigious annual security awards is organised and hosted by the New Zealand Security Association as always

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Auckland based “rip-off” locksmiths operating

If you need a locksmith in Auckland, be careful: a Auckland based locksmith company who has been exposed before, are back in action doing poor work on people’s properties, and demanding outrageous payments for it. One of the latest disappointed customers was Newshub entertainment editor Daniel Rutledge. He needed work done to some doors of his home, did a Google search and chose one of the top results. He thought

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